Stop Trashing The National Parks – #Shutdown2019

With the US Government shutdown entering the second week of 2019 with no end in sight, I’m saddened to see news articles like these popping up here and there:

“‘Appalling’ Toilets and Rule-Breaking as US Shutdown Hits National Parks”

“‘Really an awful situation’: Health and safety concerns spur calls to close National Parks amid shutdown, environmentalists say”

It really is disheartening to see how poorly some of our fellow humans behave during the absence of authority. I’m thankful for groups of volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to care for our National Parks while federal employees are furloughed. But still, we should be doing a better job of caring for our nation’s most precious lands. The recent federal government shutdown inspired me to make this short video for my YouTube channel:

My friend Nick posted a great article on his blog recently titled “Outdoor Etiquette for Social Media.” In the article, he shares 6 tips that will enhance your experience in the National Parks while making you more responsible and courteous explorers.

Thanks for doing your part in keeping our National Parks a safe, clean and enjoyable place to visit for all of our fellow humans. Never stop exploring!

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